In someways I feel that Neville Brody has been inspired by the Constructivist movement, especially the poster designs that came with it. Neville Brody is a big name in Graphic design as he has done very famous pieces of work, such as creating new looks for the Guardian and the Observer newspapers. Before he became a graphic designer he worked on music records creating the designs that went on them. He then became more interested in graphics by creating designs and type. He also had some books published by Thames and Hudson, which is a very big brand name. Brody also created and mixed typography with decretive details such as geometric shapes, symbols and pictures. In some parts of his work he uses the colours and type face associated with the Constructivist movement. An example of this is figure no.1. Neville Brody also has showcases all over the world as a renowned designer many of his pieces are hung in galleries. Brody also mentions an Influence from the typographist and designer Jan Tschichold. Jan Tschichold also inspired Paul Rand, another big name in Graphic Design. Jan tschichold was born in Germany in 1902 and worked as an artist, songwriter and calligraphist. After the election of Adolf Hitler in germany, all designers had to register with the ministry of culture and all the teaching staff were threatened, if they was sympathetic. After this Tschichold was announced as a cultural Bolshevist. Ten days after the Nazi’s came to power in March 1933 his wife was arrested. Russian Constructivist posters were found at his house. He then was kicked out of Germany and ordered to move to Switzerland. Him and his family managed to escape the Nazi’s in August 1933. Although Tschichold was not to do with Russian Constructivism his work looks like it was heavily influence by this. Tschichold worked on creating various fonts most were san-serif. He was very famous as he worked on designs for Penguin books. Tschichold’s work seems to have rubbed off onto Neville Brody, this is why I believe that his work seems to emanate a touch of Constructivism.

Works by Neville Brody and Jan Tschichold