This piece is what i submitted for a live brief for a creative art festival in the town. I used san-serif type then used brushes on photoshop to create the splattered effect on each letter, then I transferred it into illustrator to get the spatter and colouring to match. However I had complications due to the pixillation of the brushes used. To avoid this i had to change the pieces into vectors and removed the white around the inside of the text. Image

I latter refined this piece and used colours suitable for the festival. I also asked my classmates which of my designs they thought was the most eye catching and recognisable. This is what they chose. I also came up with a little slogan.


After this piece I began to experiment with different layout styles and also different colours. I personally liked a tester piece I did using a dynamic composition. But the rest of my group liked this piece which I then used as my final.